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Welcome to the Friends of Broadhurst Park Conmunity Group. Our aims are to preserve the green open spaces of Broadhurst Fields and protect them from further development. We want to encourage people to visit the Park and learn about its biodiversity and history.

Broadhurst Clough becomes the latest Local Nature Reserve in Manchester

In March 2023 Broadhurst Clough was declared a Local Nature Reserve by the City Council, in recognition of its biodiversity.

 It becomes the tenth LNR in Manchester, forming part of the North Manchester nature network linking to Moston Fairway and Boggart Hole Clough.

The 14-hectare area contains Dean Brook which trickles through the lower level of the Clough in a steep-sided woodland ravine. The area consists of a mosaic of amenity grassland, species-rich rough grassland and marshland. Mature poplars here sit alongside young copses of birch and alder woodland which have been planted in partnership with the City of Trees. Extensive stands of flag iris can be found in the marshy areas and seasonal ponds, providing ideal cover for common frogs and toads, as well as rest stops for dragonflies.

See Manchester Council press release

Our next events in 2024- see our Events page

children with nets at side of a pond

Ponds are home to a wide variety of living beings. But what are they? Find dragonfly larva and water boatmen in the water, dragonflies and creepy crawlies on land, with the help of naturalist Russell Hedley.


image of bat with with outstretched wings


During a previous Bat Walk, in August 2022, we recorded two species of bat and and one species of newt that had not been recorded on the site before. The common pipistrelle is often found in parks and gardens whereas the Daubenton’s bat focusses on ponds and wetlands.

smooth newt imageSmooth newts (Lissotriton vulgaris) were also seen in the torch light and recorded in the park for the first time.




Previous events include pond dipping, a wild flower identification workshop, bug hunting, bat and fungi walks, a Halloween Walk. We have also carried out conservation work in the Park; for example  we have spent scores of  hours tackling Himalayan Balsam (an alien invasive species) plus Litter picks and putting up bird boxes. We’ve also planted wild plants and cleared drainage channels to help feed the wetland areas in Broadhurst Clough.

We always welcome new volunteers.  If you would like to join us please get in touch at friendsofbroadhurst@outlook.c

Thanks to all the volunteers who collected 30 bags of refuse from the playing fields last year

volunteers posing with bags of litter

volunteers with 30 bags of litter!






and sowed wild flower seeds in the Clough 

people seed sowing in Broadhurst Clough image

seed sowing in Broadhurst Clough





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  1. Ann Hunaina

    Brilliant turn out for our Spooky Walk last Saturday, it was lovely to see so many families from our local community enjoying a spooky, scary, fun time together in our beautiful hidden gem Broadhurst Clough! Same again next year!

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